About StepWise


Who We Help
We provide data entry outsourcing services to clients to help them accomplish their business goals, providing significant cost savings, while creating jobs for marginalized communities to help them alleviate poverty.

How We Started
StepWise is another project by the founders of Cure International, who always planned to follow the hospitals with jobs for the many children who received treatment. Some of our first team members are former Cure patients.

About StepWise

Cure was the first step, building hospitals to provide life-saving and life changing surgeries. Education is the next step, so we helped build a school in Uganda for children with disabilities. There are more organizations building schools than there are creating jobs, so we are focusing on StepWise, gainful employment.

US Based Management
Remote data entry work is completed by small groups of ten team members and is lead locally by experienced BPO managers. All operations are managed by a team based in Pennsylvania. The picture above is most of our team with some additional guests, including Scott and Sally Harrison, the founders of Cure International and StepWise.

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