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Greater Impact
Impact sourcing is defined as employing socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals as principle workers in business process outsourcing. So, we make the greatest impact by creating opportunities where few options exist, including at risk people with physical disabilities. Typically, unemployment rates among the disabled are twice the often-high national averages.

Our mission is to create sustainable social impact, and we believe lasting employment and continued leadership development is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. We also pay our teams a fair wage, despite being able to offer our clients significant cost savings. Already, many of them support other family members, including paying school fees.

Making An Impact

Client Testimonial
This excerpt is from a blog post written by the CEO of FDAZilla, a client of StepWise who was able to visit our team in Kenya. We are proud of our teams and always pleased to hear a good report from satisfied customers.

As we went around the room and I heard a small bit of each person's story, I was amazed at their perseverance and gratitude. One of the ladies even broke out into tears, thanking us for this opportunity to work at “the best job I ever had.” After a cup of great Kenyan chai, I was even more impressed when we started talking business — they asked nuanced questions about our business and made valuable suggestions for increasing our productivity. I left the meeting with quite a few to-dos! - FDAZilla

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StepWise is a member of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, a collaboration between leading companies to build more inclusive global supply chains.

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