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What We Do
StepWise is a business process outsourcing provider (BPO) so provide a variety of data entry and data processing services to your business. We work with clients to develop solutions to their business processes, delivering quality assured, timely results. We provide exceptional value and you understand the impact this work will make, so please contact us to learn more or to get started.

Our services include:

StepWise Services
  • Secretarial Services - including a variety of customer support services.
  • Routine Data Processing - data clean-up and formatting, including Microsoft Office.
  • Machine Learning - Data or object identification.
  • Social media or comment moderation - We all enjoy cat videos.
  • Transcription Services - Our team has outperformed other companies transcribing pages of text.
  • OCR Text Review - The machines do a good job, but sometimes you need human eyes and intelligence to reach your goals.
  • Archival Digitization - Historical data is important and your customers may need searchable and indexable access.
  • Text-From-Image Processing - We excel at retyping, with average speeds exceeding 5 pages per hour.
  • Other Digital Services - Contact Us to discuss your project needs.
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